a Welshman can only offer his own interpretation of what has gone into the making of his people. It reveals, as it must, the limitations imposed by nearness, and by the operation within himself of the forces he has tried to describe.

Wyn Griffith, The Welsh (Penguin, 1950)

I work at the Department of History at Swansea University where I teach courses on Modern Wales, post-1945 Britain and sports history.

I grew up in a rural Welsh-speaking community in north Pembrokeshire, before heading off to the brightlights of Cardiff University. After various detours, research and teaching jobs followed at the universities of Oxford and Cumbria.  I joined my current employers in 2006.

I’ve published various books and articles that look at Welsh identity, politics, popular sports, obscure sports, national identity, disasters and local government. Many of these articles can be downloaded from my academia.edu profile.  At the heart of my research are questions of identity. I am interested in how people think of who they are and their place in their world.  A full list of my academic publications can be downloaded from here.

I occasionally contribute to the print and broadcast media. In 2019 I wrote and presented a BBC television series entitled Wales: England’s Colony? Links to my journalism and online essays can be found here.

Books I’ve written

  • (with Iain McLean) Aberfan: Government and Disasters (Welsh Academic Press, 2000).
  • Soccer & Society: South Wales, 1900-39 (University of Wales Press, 2002).
  • A History of Sport in Wales (University of Wales Press, 2005).
  • Wales since 1939 (Manchester University Press, 2012).
  • Christmas and the British: A Modern History (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016).
  • England’s Colony? The Conquest, Assimilation and Re-creation of Wales (Parthian, 2019).

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