Welcome to the webpage of Martin Johnes, Professor of Modern History at Swansea University.

I specialise in the histories of modern Wales and British popular culture. I’ve published various books and articles that look at Welsh identity, politics, popular sports, obscure sports, national identity, disasters and local government. At the heart of my research are questions of identity. I am interested in how people think of who they are and their place in their world.

 Many of these articles can be downloaded from my profile.   A full list of my academic publications can be found here.

I am regular contributor to the media on issues of Welsh history, politics and identity. Links to and a list of my journalism and presenting can be found here.

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Why fans still matter: quick thoughts on the European Super League

Some of the reactions to the planned European Super League give the impression that money and profit are something new in football. Yet money, and arguments over money, are central to football’s history. There were loud and emotional complaints that football was all about cash as early as the 1880s. The Victorian elite complained that … Continue reading “Why fans still matter: quick thoughts on the European Super League”